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Laser hair removal

from $30.00

Glow Skincare offer Laser Hair Removal treatment. It is Diode laser and improved by Health Canada. Safe for all skin types. By combining two superior technologies in a single system, Alpha provides completely safe and effective treatments that are finely customized to your specific physiology. When it comes to hair removal, one size does not fit all. Every individual is beautifully unique, all with different skin-hair combinations requiring different treatment settings and modes of operation.

Microneedling Twist

from $250.00

We provide Microneedling is a clinically- proven, , minimally-invasive solutions to a wide range of skin conditions like fine lines & wrinkles, acne scarring, skin discolouration, enlarged pores, hair loss etc. A procedure that uses tiny needles to treat scars, enlarged pores, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

Chemical Peels

from $150.00

We provide AlumierMD chemical peels- AHA, BHA and Glow peel. Chemical peels are used to treat acne, wrinkles, skin discolouration, shrink the pores etc. A chemical peel is a procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers.

Medical Facials - IPL Photo Facial

from $175.00

We provide IPL laser treatment for bright & tight skin, and world leading Led Therapy for destroy acne, boost Colgan, reduce hyper-pigmentation etc.

We use Industry leading & certified Equipments

Benefits of Alpha System Laser

  • The The first and only 2-in-1 system with 808nm Diode Laser + 3D IPL
  • 5 different Hair Removal modes provide unmatched treatment customization for ALL skin types
  • MILO – a digital melanin meter for quick and accurate skin type classification and customized parameters selection
  • Revolutionary PowerMotionTM technology – the 3rd generation of hair removal technology
  • Tight&Bright protocol for superior IPL treatment (530nm & 590nm only)
  • Golden Touch – adaptive skin cooling technology for unparalleled comfort and shorter treatment time
  • Highest quality laser & IPL technologies, developed by experienced industry veterans.

Laser Hair removal - How it works

Advantages of facials

Concentrated light pulses are released onto the skin and hair. The melanin in the hair and skin is the main chromophore which absorbs the light and generates heat.

Thermal damage to hair follicles

Due to differences in melanin concentration and location between the hair follicles and the surrounding skin, most of the heat is generated within the follicles while the skin remains unharmed. As a result of heat diffusion within the follicle, critical hair components adjacent to the shaft are damaged beyond repair.

Hair reduction

As a result of the thermal damage, the follicle is destroyed and loses its regrowing potential. It will take about 2-4 weeks for the skin to shed off the dead follicle and complete recovery.

IPL treatment - How it works

Step 1: Measure Melanin Level

MILO will give you a number between 1 (lowest melanin) to 100 (highest melanin)

Step 2: Input Number Into Alpha

The system will automatically determine the skin type and set the optimal treatment parameters accordingly.

Step 3: Perform the Treatment

Perform the treatment with the peace of mind that your client’s treatment is perfectly customized, safe, and effective.

Tight & Bright™ treatment highlights:

  1. Achieves impressive results without being too aggressive
  2. Based on a two-pass approach that increases heat buildup
  3. Targets multiple concerns at the same time: wrinkles & fine lines, loss of elasticity, sun damage, pigmented spots, redness, rosacea, and broken capillaries.
  4. Provides corrective & preventative solutions (reduces future spots)
  5. Designed to be performed and sold as treatment package (5 treatments)

Results after 3 Tight&Bright IPL treatments.

Microneedling - How it works


During treatment, surgical-grade, non-traumatic microneedles perforate the skin rapidly and precisely, creating on average more than a million micro-channels per treatment that stimulate the body’s natural non-emergency healing response of the skin.

Corrective Healing

Controlled damage instructs the skin to heal slowly and correctively. Activated fibroblasts proliferate in the area to fill the wounds with new deposits of collagen & elastin without developing any scars. At the same time, the micro-wounds are drenched with corrective hydrating ingredients that expedite healing and improve end results.

Healthier, Better-looking Skin

After healing, the affected skin is completely renewed with improved structure, firmness and elasticity. Cellular functions are restored and skin cells are reset to their healthy mode of operation, leaving your clients with healthier and better looking skin.

Benefits of AHA, BHA20 & Glow Peels

AHA/BHA/PHA peel is a type of chemical peel that uses a combination ofAlpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs), and polyhydroxy Acids (PHAs). These ingredients work together to exfoliate the skin and help to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs) are chemical exfoliants that help to gently dissolve dead skin cells. Chemical exfoliation is different from physical exfoliation, which uses physical objects (such as scrubs) to manually remove dead skin cells.


What our Customers says...

Just completed eyelash lift and tint. Best service was provided. Sukhi replied to my Instagram inquiry within the hour and I actually booked an appointment with her right away. Spacious and clean studio in her Basement and has convenient flexible hours. Very happy with my results. And will return same service and try out other services as well.

Dorra AH

Dorra AH

London, ON

Getting a full body wax done is something I put off for a long time as I couldn’t find someone I trusted (and was anxious over!). When I found Sukhi and went to her, I was beyond thrilled and content with her kindness, knowledge, and clear skill. Services are excellently tailored to your needs and wants, which is certainly something that’s become rare. Her space is clean, comforting, and comprised of truly high quality materials and supplies, all to match an amazing aesthetician. To top it off, her prices are incredibly reasonable for the quality and amount of work done. If you’re in London or surrounding areas and need any work done from waxing to eyebrow tints, she is perfect for the job.

Maha Khawaja

Maha Khawaja

London, ON

Sukhi is THE BEST, she is without a doubt my GO TO for eyebrow threading. Just recently tried out the eyebrow tinting service, and lash lift and tint in addition, and I can surely say I will be adding these new services to my visits with her ! She is so professional, super friendly, and makes you feel so comfortable by explaining every step and answering any questions. I wish I could rate her more than 5 stars, she is a London Gem!!!

Rebeca Cedeno

Rebeca Cedeno

London, ON

For waxing and threading, I visited Sukhi. She has great grace and professionalism. Her studio, which is quite tidy and cozy, was just moved to her basement. Private and with a separate entrance. Her work was wonderful and price is reasonable. I would suggest it to everyone

Kanchan Kanwar

Kanchan Kanwar

London, ON

I came here to get my hydra facial done. Results are so awesome She was extremely kind, reassuring, gentle, and patient. We had the best experience because of her. She is professional and compassionate and truly cares for her clients. I couldn’t recommend her enough! 😊😊😊

Prabhjot Gill

Prabhjot Gill

London, ON

Wonderful service! Sukhi was kind, took her time and did a great job with my eyebrow threading and tinting. I was nervous as it was my first time getting my eyebrows threaded and tinted and she made me feel comfortable and at ease. I am so happy with the result and will definitely be back!

Abigail Withers

Abigail Withers

London, ON